Tverculosis: Riverdale & The Crown


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Based from the Archie comics that I really did not read when I was a kid because I really don’t like reading comics at all except those funny Filipino tabloid or political jokes.

I knew about this when I was browsing through my Facebook friends and I think 1 out of 10 groups of conyo friends were watching it. I wanted to try it out.

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They were right. It’s a mix of Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars,  One Tree Hill omg Betty and Veronica like Brooke Davis and Ms. Sawyer! and HTGAWM. It’s a modernized Archie world. Riverdale is the name of their town and has been talk of the town so why not try it out starting this Saturday night? If you don’t have any stuff to do I bet you really don’t.

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Don’t you miss having a TV series like Gossip Girl? Tbh, I really missed it. Maybe that’s why, I get so hyped watching this while waiting for Stranger Things and the 2-hour season finale of HTGAWM. Also while waiting for Game of Thrones.

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Here’s the trailer:

And how did I not notice that Jughead is Cole Sprouse?!?!

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He’s such a man already! <3
Courtesy of CW

The Crown

I think I forgot to tell you how much I love history? Well, yes I think I’ve been telling everyone how much interested I am when it comes to Filipino history but when it comes to wars, military facts, and world history… I am also interested okay?

It’s a Netflix original narrating the life of Queen Elizabeth II. It will tell you a bunch of hidden stories and stories that you already know with a twist. It will make you react like this, “Oh, being a queen isn’t just about fame and fortune – it’s about politics and tradition.”

I can really say that Claire Foy is perfect for the role since her side view kinda looks like the Queen herself. Oh, plus you would love the setting! It will really bring back you in time also add to the fact that Winston Churchill was really a friend or a foe. It’s still my question though.

You’ll learn about power, marriage and people.

I’m about to finish episode 3 today since I’m not doing anything at work but still getting paid for it. 

Yep, I’m the real Queen.

Here’s the trailer:

Courtesy of Netflix

Series that you have to be ready for that I’ve been planning to watch but I really can’t the ff:

Please give me feedback if they’re good because, I really don’t have time for it all but I’ll try – also, feel free giving me good series suggestions! :)


13 thoughts on “Tverculosis: Riverdale & The Crown

  1. Archie’s fan since I was kid! been waiting for it and 1st episode naisip ko, PLL na ituu? hahaha. story a little bit of different from the comics, kala ko fun fun sya on this series, hindi pala.

    watching Santa Clarita Diet too

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