What’s In My Bag (Which Are Not Ice Bags nor Eye Bags)

I know a lot of bloggers are doing this but mind you, this started way back when I was a teen and when my older sisters were teens who are in their 30s now so that still makes me not that old reading CandyMag, etc.

So I wanted to do something feminine for my blog post ewwww not so me but I will try my best to be kikay for this entry.

As the featured image of this entry is my bag – this is from Artwork. A gift from an ex-boyfriend and I’m still using it because I’m really a fan of Artwork and not him. I think this bag only costs around P500-600 I really do not remember, let’s not bring back the past. The bag is so useful (since 2012) and durable but the relationship wasn’t.

OMG didn’t even realize I have a lot in my bag (shame)

To be honest with you, ever since grade school to high school, whenever me and my friends go to Town (since it was the only closest mall from our school), all we really had with us was this Anonymous see through wallet (with money of course) and our Nokia phones. At least, when we want to text someone, we don’t need to bring it out anymore.

But I guess this is called adulting. I actually started using bags and having such kikay stuff during college.

So let’s start.

Happy Skin pouch – I just got this for free when my sissy bought loads of stuff from Beauty Bar (which I imagine it sometimes as a snake skin so I don’t know why am I writing this down, it scares me – next)

  • Lotion – Bath and Body Works sweet pea + Honeysuckle
  • Body gel – Honeysuckle
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Band-aid for my heart
  • Toy Story wet wipes – to kill my Woody smell
  • Modess All Night napkin – just to keep me confident that I ain’t preggers for the 2nd time
  • Extra ponytails – because I cannot survive without wearing a ponytail on my right hand
  • Petroleum Jelly – been a friend of mine since the 5th grade
  • 2 Happy Skin lipsticks – I mix them since I wasn’t able to buy The First Time (color red)
  • Carmex – my ultimate beshie
  • Cheeky Glow blush of Maybelline + cheekbrush
  • Powder, Maybelline – need it for my gun…dara park

Wallet – Bally, vintage wallet I got from my mom. I’ve been using it for 3 years now. It has numerous pockets and card holders that I don’t even know how does everything fit in. It’s black so I can suit it with any bag, formal or informal. It’s square and quite pretty heavy due to coins but thank god I have a…

Coin purse – This one I got from Robbie as a Christmas gift last year. I was supposed to get the dog one but I think Lauren booked on it first.

Gadget pouch – Kipling, I put my:

  • Power bank – which I bought at this designer shop just oustide our village. It’s so handy! It can last until 4 full charges. The seller told me they got it from Japan, and this character is quite famous sorry, not an anime fan. Yep! It’s that cat-like tiger-like lion-like pink creature
  • Charger (dirty white already due to pollution of my hands) + headset (practically sponspored by Samsung but destroyed by owner’s stupidity of keeping it sane by using a yellow weak paper clip)
  • Uniqlo USB – also got this for free in Uniqlo 2 Christmases ago (I don’t even remember what’s inside. Porn perhaps? Japanese porn since it’s from Uniqlo? Ozawa perhaps?)
  • Car key – Fendi + oreo keychain Mike gave to me. So cute!!! :)
  • Bottle opener + nail cutter (yes, it’s metaphorical to put them all in one chain)

Tissue c/o Kleenex – since I have allergic rhinitis and the aftermath is looking exactly like a rhinoceros

Shades – Cotton On, to keep my beauty since I’m too tired of people running to me asking for my picture or autograph

Alcohol – to rub the germs off from people who keep on holding me like I’m a saint – but I ain’t a sinner

Brush – Paganini, to brush all my fears away

Cologne – Love & Sunshine; Bath & Body Works, the yellow one that looks like my urine too

Of course, my phone – that I used to take picture of these photos that you cannot locate with Exhibit A

I hope to see yours too! Or do you have anything in your bag same as mine? Comment below, ladies! :)

I am totally a legit female blogger now.

Should I put xoxo?




23 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag (Which Are Not Ice Bags nor Eye Bags)

  1. That pink creature is Totoro, hehehe. I’ve done this before over my blogspot site. I’ll share(if I have time) here in wordpress kung ano latest na nasa bag ko. Uhm I have wet wipes too buuutt, Hello Kitty(too girly) :)

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    1. There you go! Hahaha had a hard time recalling the name (lost the box btw) hahaha yes please! Haha when I was at the supermarket, I wanted Little Mermaid but it was out of stock. Haha naks you’re so girly!! I’ll check your old post about this later :) thanks for dropping by!


  2. I have the same exact power bank, but it’s grey :p

    I use a backpack rather than a tote coz I’m always on the go. A friend laughed at me when she saw my get up to work ie semi-formal clothing + backpack; but hey, she’s not the one having to carry loads of stuff. It always has too much junk though, sometimes I’m amazed with what I chucked in and forgot about. Usually pens (I sketch as a hobby), which I end up buying extra because I can’t find them, and then realizing later that they were stuck at the bottom of my bag lol.

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    1. Yay Eris! High-five right there for something in common! Hahaha! You have the same as my mom! Agree! It’s actually more practical to use a backpack especially if you have a laptop. Our managers always bring backpacks with ’em ;) damn straight all of your things can really fit in your bag! Hehe. Thanks Eris for the thoughts and for dropping by :)


    1. Hahaha if you were in shock, so was I! Hahaha I thought I was the minimalist type of girl but when you’re dealing with all this traffic and outdoor activities, you really have to be on the go. I appreciate you dropping by :)

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  3. wow! I’ll try to do that “what’s in my bag” once I’m back to blogging and when I managed to buy a new phone :) The quality of the camera of the phone that I am using isn’t that good so I guess I have to buy a new one.. once I passed my exam! *fingers crossed to that*

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, focus first on your shoulds! Hehehe ;) but I’d love to hear from you the soonest!! Mine isn’t that good as well huhuhu I’ll pray for that! :) thanks for dropping by Rina, I really wish you well with your exam :)

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  4. This type of post has been on my to blog list for a while! Arte ko lang kasi gusto ko daming arte pa kaya di matuloy tuloy. Pero nainspire ako dito bes! :D

    Also ang daming laman ng bag mo! Buti hindi mabigat sa balikat

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha me either! I had to let it out, finally! Hahaha arte like what? Post na! Mas maganda ka kumuha ng angles sa products based on your posts! Ako eme eme lang haha. Maganda yung bag, kahit maraming nakalagay, magaan pari feeling ko. Haha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Di kasi ako masatisfy sa angles na yan! Haha. Pero baka gayahin ko nlng din yung style mo sa layout! Simple lang :P

        Gusto ko yung mga ganyang bag pero ngayon kasi sa office dala laptop everyday. Bali likod lagi :(

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  5. Hi! This is my first time in your blog, and nakakatuwang malaman na may mga nagboblog pa pala ngayon about buhay-buhay kahit na marami sa finafollow kung blogs ay wala ng updates :)

    Gusto ko din magpost about “what’s in my bag” pero nakatambak padin sya sa listahan ko :)

    Hoping to read more entries from you :) God Bless

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohmygosh Thaedab! :) this is so heart-melting! <3 thank you, thank you! I appreciate you by just dropping by but I appreciate you more because you appreciate my daily rants and musings (puro appreciate na ata ang na-type ko) hahaha! Dali post ka na! Gusto ko makita laman ng bag mo para manakaw ko. Part-time robber din kasi ako :D


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