Foodnyeta: Palaro Board Game Café

See my big bag right there?

Palaro Board Game is a start-up cafe which just opened last November 2016. It’s owned by Karla Apacible, Anjel Estrella and Clark Amonelo.

It’s located in Taytay Rizal, near Taytay Doctors.

Of course, I would really recommend you PBG (and ako talaga ang nagbigay ng acronym, parang ako ang may-ari since it’s really close to my heart. Hahaha! Well, my partner is one of the baristas there and not because I’m being biased or what but because I want you to taste their wicked oreos, lasagna, kare-kare, blue lemonade, spaghetti actually almost everything. I really haven’t tasted all of it but the price is really cost-effective.

The meals are good for 2 and very affordable. The kare-kare is only for P159 and it’s perfectly coated with peanut plus too much veggies ;) also, their bagoong is a best-seller (even for those who eat kare-kare at Max’s, they compare it saying the same taste). The kare-kare is served with liempo.


The bagoong is really sweet like me. The blue lemonade is all fine with that classy container and blue like Halsey.

I wouldn’t let the day pass eating here without eating these wicked oreos!


And here’s a comic of it:

Galing ba ng photog ko? Kitang-kita pa kamay niya. Hahaha

You gotta accept that the place is small since like I mentioned, the cafe is a rookie but they have a lot of board games already!


I really didn’t play any because I was kind of dating slash working at the same time.

Captured these teens playing Resistance

Such a distinctive art wall:


And the oh-so famous chalk menu every cafe or resto has been using:


And when bubba and I went out to chill I was just really waiting for him to end his shift hahaha, there were oh so lovely…

PUPPIES!!!!!!!! <3

Two living things I’m in love with: Ejay and puppies!!!! <3 <3 <3 waaaah!!! <3 hahaha


Try it this weekend! You can visit their Facebook page, CLICK HERE

Jim and I are playing here on March 10 btw :) I will finally get to experience playing their games hahaha not alone anymore waiting for hubby bubby haha


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