Sweetie’s Bridal (Half Wild) Shower

Oh, good Lord. This was my first ever bridal shower experience. From films and stories of other human beings, I know what are the possible things that happen in the shower and I was really not expecting I would experience such with my college friends. Time flies so fast. Last thing I knew, we were just copying each others’ accounting homeworks but damn, all of us are having kids and getting married.


Alexa is one of my first friends in CSB. We’re consisted of 4 as the closest and we call ourselves “The Big 4” since PBB was I think, trending during those days. It was me, Alexa, Miera and Joanna then our group got bigger and bigger.

She has 2 kids now, Matty and Marco. She’s getting married on the 18th of March but I couldn’t attend that’s why I really gave time for this shower. Sandra has a school program that day.

The venue was at Linden Suites in Pasig. Before Criselle and I went up the room we were oh so hungry so we ate at Muzo. I ordered beef tepanyaki and she ordered crispy pork binagoongan.

Ugh, my phone camera is really shitty

So, Tere and Heidi saw us at Muzo and we all headed to the lobby because Miera told us she was waiting already. She was so shy to go up the room, the strippers weren’t there yet anyway, I don’t know with her.

The strippers were beside her in the lobby, waiting. We kept on laughing.

When all of us went into the elevator, I really said out loud, “This is so awkward.”

First, it’s an elevator so it will really be awkard.

Second, you’re with the strippers – without their masks. So where’s the fun?

What did I feel when I knew about the strippers? I was so damn scared. Not because it was my first time seeing a stripper but because, I felt like it was cheating. :( but my partner trusts me well enough and I was on the phone with him the whole time, so he really doesn’t have to worry about anything. ;)

‘Twas so funny that the bride set up all of the decorations and we were just eating downstairs. Hahaha! My knowledge with bridal showers is that friends should be hands on with the surprise, but in our case, it was all her idea.

Tere and Alexa visited a toy shop days before the shower. And voila, here are the results:

See that dick balloon and straws? Hahaha!




Props to Heidi for this photo | Instagram: @heidiceee


I won’t post the naughty videos here. I only posted those in Instagram stories, so sayonara after 24hours!

We really enjoyed especially, the last time we were almost complete as this was during Matty’s 2nd birthday last February 2015. I really missed this group. I feel like I’m in college again. #collegeneverends HAHAHA

Criselle, Miera, Yours Truly, Tere, Rane (Alexa’s sister), Heidi and Ms. Bride to Be – Alexa
Sorry girls for the blurry photo of the hot stripper

Feedback of the strippers? They were very nice! We actually played truth or dare with them (but mostly truth) because we were so lazy and so lola vibes already. Imagine, around 10PM we wanted to go home already. But I went home around 3AM already. Thanks to Froi and Miera!

There were a lot of dance episodes and since there might be minors reading my blog but I really rated it as R when asked, so bahala na kayong mga parents hahaha.

We also did Mannequin Challenge! Sobrang sakit sa leeg. Hahaha!

Pauie arrived around 1AM, so late na Pauie ha! Hahaha!

Hi from this cutie me! Hahaha trying to pump balloons in a very obscene way but I think I looked a little bit constipated.



Really tried to take a clear photo of him, but I’m so sorry girls
We were all friends during this time. We were already sober during this time

And I would never want to have a bridal shower of my own. Unless bubba wants to have his stag party. If he does not want, I don’t want to have one as well. It was a very uhm, ardent experience. Hahaha!


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