The Puntold Story: Show Biz

I can say I was my mom’s hope. Being the youngest daughter it was quite a pressure. Being born in 1990 after my 80s born siblings was really a challenge.

But really, I did not mind. I knew I was capable. I started dancing when I was 3, started singing when I was 5 then I started acting in little school drama or plays when I was 7.

My mom already bought me a dress for Little Miss Philippines back in ’94. I do remember the dress but I don’t remember being at the back stage. Yep, only in the back stage ’cause I flipped. She said I was doing tantrums and getting wild. Everything I rehearsed was all going to waste and she kept telling me how embarrassed she was to GMA’s staff and crew. I don’t know what was going through my head at that time and I don’t know what’s even going through my head right now since I really can’t remember shit.

I admit and not to brag, I know I had something. I easily memorized songs, remembered every member of any band, memorized difficult steps in dancing and even lines for acting; but one thing’s for sure, I knew I was not to meant to be in that industry.

Aside from the sporty side of me joining swimming classes, my mom enrolled me in The Center for Pop music keme voice lessons, how I wished drum or piano lessons na lang talaga but I did not have any control with it. It was also simultaneous with my workshop in ABS-CBN (1999) still looking for a photo with my batchmates but I remembered I made a new account back in 2013 so nganga. I even met Heart Evangelista in the loo and offered her my poo clover chips – she was really pretty and nice back then, I hope until now – I was such a fan of Heart and John before!!! So I was really starstruck.

Another embarrassing moment for me was when I had to send a letter and photos to Korina Sanchez because that was the time I thought I wasn’t really enough for the actress LOB, might as well report boring news and yes, she had no response. We knew some people inside, staff and celebrities but it didn’t really work out.

There were awesome benefits doing workshops. Aside from meeting a lot of celebrities and eating with them inside their cafeteria, there are also freebies like watching MTB or that Kris show for free plus watching celebrities doing workshops or tapings on site PLUS! Being extras on certain shows I forgot what shows.

It was very tiring for me. I was even not an actress but everything felt so lethargic. I was 9 years old and good thing I did not have my period during that time so imagine what JB, Miley and the rest of child actors felt? Very, tiring.

So then I lost my interest after not passing the last audition I promised my mom to. Really, it was the ultimatum. After, I found myself writing in my diary and surveying the net about blogging, editing videos, editing write-ups, doing scripts for plays in school, etc.

I was really for show biz but more of behind the camera.

Everyone thought I was the kid in the Vaseline commercial of Empress Shuck back in 2000. But the only commercial I did was for Funchum, diving in a plastic pool who would even know I was that person?

But to hell with it, my face wasn’t seen and I was doing my favorite hobby – swimming.

I should be an actress for swimming roles. No doubt why I’m in love with Ariel and Flounder.

I have a lot of stories in my mind for it to grow into a film but there are no opportunities. I hope Gino messages (messages okay, not massages) me since he’s been doing Star Cinema films already. Gino’s a friend so, let’s keep our fingers crossed but he has Jeff on his side already, why would he even want to get me? Another Coleen Garcia movie? I want Nikki Gil. Jk. Hahaha!

If shit happens, I’ll be writing all of my stories here na lang. HAHAHA

The end.


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