April and Able

Aside from being gone for March and basically not writing anything, it’s quite a blur what I’ve been going through for the past weeks. I wasn’t sick, busy nor lazy. I was just on the edge trying to decide on things. I guess at 26, I’ve had enough of journeys when it comes to school, relationships and family. Right now, the universe is making me more focused on what do I want to do with my career.

If I remember, it was exactly 3 years ago when I applied for a writing position in an outsourcing company. I took 1 test and they made me review the day before the exam. Next possible thing I know, I failed. Of course I failed. What bullets do I have to pass a writing position without a single experience or background in writing? Yes, I do freelance writing or blogging but I don’t have a degree out of it. That’s the time I gave up on my dreams. Recalling my “In 10 years, I will be a writer” from my high school year book will really not happen. Just because I write freelance or I blog freelance, does not mean I have the guts to be an official writer.

Maybe, I was really for HR/Recruitment.

Indeed I was, days after failing the exam I was hired as a recruiter in one of the biggest BPO companies in the world. Good environment and career growth was there but I don’t think there was enough compensation. I really love my skilled job but it came to a point that I really had to be practical. I wanted to still pursue my dream job. I was in a place where I have to decide. Maybe I was getting weary and needed a new challenge – well this is just a factor but I asked myself, where is this another opportunity going to take me? I will be taking a risk.

I tried looking for same positions with higher offers. I applied online and face-to-face but I had no feedback. I was able to bid for a higher position with the same company but it really took a while for the feedback.

Until I saw an opening.

It was a job post with the same position I applied 3 years ago. I found it in a job search website in which I really don’t use. I didn’t even how I got there. I swear.

I took the opportunity. BUT the day before, (which is Friday) is always a scheduled date with my partner. I don’t know how fate plays but he got sick. If he was able to come, I wouldn’t be able to review and my time wouldn’t be enough since my exam was scheduled Saturday morning. But I guess fate does play well, I was able to review the night before.

The first test was different compared to the first time I applied there. I applied on a Friday and they told me the results will be given on Monday. And it will be emailed. My gosh. It was the same process. The same process of failure. I received the same email with the message that I failed.

Okay, I gave up already. Maybe writing wasn’t really for me. I talked to my best friend’s girlfriend and she told me she can refer me to her friend who is also working in a writing position.

As I head to buy lunch with my officemates, I was telling them how confused I was with my career path. I want to write, but I also want to continue with recruitment, etc.

When I came back, someone was calling me. I didn’t want to answer since it was an anonymous number. I thought that it might be a recruitment post I applied online. If it were, they would text. After 7 rings, I answered.

“Hi Angelica! This is *** from (the writing position company chenes I applied), please disregard the email that I sent. In short, you passed. I’ll be emailing your next schedule for the final simulation.”

I was just in awe. I don’t even know how did that happen.

My final simulation was scheduled on the following Saturday and I wasn’t sure about it since it was my scheduled shift at my current work. But fate does play well and it was starting.

I did a one-week follow-up for my last simulation and I was scared since it was taking too long for them to email until last Wednesday, they told me I passed and I was already for training. They scheduled me this week and on the day that I was on leave.

On that night, my best friend’s girlfriend messaged me in Facebook and she told me that the company her friend was working for is in need of writers. Fortunately, that company was the same company I applied for.

I cried. You know why? For me to pass that writing position and with current employees in that position who have a background in Journalism, Creative Writing, Communications, etc and who graduated mostly from UP?!?!?! And for the instances or signs to show me that position was really for me??!?! How can you not cry and be proud of yourself?

How could I not be proud that a 26-year old single parent who is currently working in recruitment with a degree of Human Resource Management; and who has a background only in freelance writing and blogging would pass for a writing position?

This is to tell everyone: You are not too old to reach your dream job.

Do you believe in coincidences or do you believe that everything happens for a reason, and everything was meant to be?

So I kept on asking myself and other people (for guidance) what would be better?

SKILLED JOB – To stay in my current job, and wait for the higher position I did bid to in my current employer (which says my salary will also increase) ** location is quite far (since the position is a  Supervisor but in a different site – maybe 1 and a half hours away from my home **


PASSION – To take the opportunity to start training for the writing position (which also says my salary will increase, but salary would be output-based) ** which has a semi-flexible schedule and I can do home-based part time (still have more time for my daughter and give her more than what I can provide before PLUS, 30 minutes only going to work **

Should I still need your answer or I think I got my answer already?

God has always been so good.


15 thoughts on “April and Able

    Mabait talaga ang Diyos… Mahalin mo ang bagong trabaho, pagbutihan, at laging magpasalamat sa lahat ng dumarating, pati mga pagsubok.

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  2. CONGRATS! Grab it lalo na’t it is your dream job. Lalo tuloy lumakas loob ko sa sinabi mong “You are not too old to reach your dream job” – may pagasa pa ako akong maging Visual Merchandiser na matagal ko na pangarap, hahaha. I dream’t of being a writer too nung nasa Elem Days ako but I did not pursue. Gongrats ulit and God Bless You :)

    “Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up”

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