A German Shitpherd

The barangay in our Tanay farm celebrated its fiesta last Sunday. I was with my mom, daughter and my mom’s friends (co-volunteers in the foundation we’re in). She didn’t want to drive during rush hour since it was a Saturday and our car was okay fine, it was really on color coding though we really experienced horrific traffic in C5 that’s what I’m trying to point out here.

I have never experienced seeing an “aswang” in real life though I have experience seeing ghosts – more of SICK sense? Hahaha it made me sick and scared. So let’s go on with the real story here.

It was actually around 12:30 AM – 1 AM that we were already on our way up along Tanay highway. We saw a dog standing on the right side. When we were about to head parallel, he crossed and stopped in the middle. It was such a rush that we really hit him. Even though my mom stepped on the break, I swear to god we really hit him.

The dog’s face seemed like he really wanted us to hit him. It feels like he was really taunting us. His ears were even alert.

Knowing how much I love dogs and how much my heart melts when I see them, I was about to cry because I knew right then and there we would really kill such cutiepie.

But, I was wrong.

There were no sounds of a dog bumping a car, a dog crying because he got hit by a car or even a squeal that he break his leg.

We didn’t have the guts to go down and look at him.

Maybe my mom was thinking, if she swerved the car, we would hit a tree and die. If he she hit the cutiepie, we would kill him but the rest of us will be saved.

So when she stepped on the break, we waited for a poor doggie sound.


When she accelerated the car forward, nada as well.

When we looked back, left and right… there was no dog.

I shit you not.

If it was a real dog, it would think twice crossing the road the fact that the car’s lights were bright. If it was a real dog, there would be blood all over the car and we would hear the most inappropriate sound I never really wanted to here since my life started since I started loving dogs. 

If it was a real dog, his ears wouldn’t be alert. It would react as if it were scared.

And the fact that his face or reaction was taunting us and he really wanted us to hit the tree, or even die… What kind of normal dog is that?


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