My Career’s Queer and Myself’s Revere

I’ll welcome myself back.

Welcome back to the blogosphere Anje! Hahaha!

Last time I blogged, I was so ecstatic because I got accepted in my dream job. Apparently, it went to the other direction. I declined the offer – perhaps, I didn’t push thru training. And then suddenly, my world went upside down.

Why? Here are my reasons:

  1. My daughter will always be the priority.
  2. Yes, it’s my dream job but it really won’t compensate my everyday expenses. The training is paid but it still depends on your training evaluation if you’re going to get hired or not. Basically, it really wasn’t an offer at all. It was more like a catch. Yes, I would have to earn such basic package but it depends on you how much writing consultation projects I can finish. Sayang kasi flexible yung schedule, oh well. I’m a single parent and such type of compensation package cannot really be called “compensation.”
  3.  At the same time, I really planned leaving the company I was in because I felt I wasn’t being compensated enough. What I mean is, I do a lot of work and OTHER THAN MY WORK, I work my ass off day-in day-out especially my boss hasn’t been around and even if she’s around, I do the same shit. Two opportunities were posted so I did bid for a Supervisor position in 2 sites. To be honest, I was really confident I’ll be getting any of those 2 not really to brag but that feeling you deserved it. I felt I really deserved the position because the job I do is basically what the open position entails but sometimes management is fucked up and the people who run it. You know, politics. Hindi talaga maiiwasan pero if naapakan na ang pagkatao mo, you have to leave. Unfortunately, they didn’t accept me for both.
    • Let me tell you about the first position I applied for. They’re looking for someone who has experience in terms of account management and dealing with higher ups. I have experience doing account management both Executive Search and Job Contracting. I don’t get the point.
    • The second position I was applying for was a Supervisor post. I was a Specialist at that time, promoted in 2 years and hell yeah been with the company for 1 year and 3 months. I act as the OIC whenever the boss is not around and even when she is. I’m the one that the team runs to and then, voila. They did not accept me because of my interview answers. Okay like… This is the first time I heard about promoting someone who has 6 months Specialist experience compared to me of 1 year and 3 months. This is also the first time I heard the reason of promoting someone because of her interview answers and not considering my performance. Of all the things I did for the team and company, this is what I get? I don’t deserve such politics, abuse and injustice. So long, suckers.
  4. I suddenly got a call from a company in Northgate, Alabang (another BPO) that I applied just a day after they told me I wasn’t the one who’ll be promoted. So fuck yeah God is so good. I applied on a Friday and I was phone screened/initial interviewed coming Monday. I passed then she endorsed me to the Senior Recruitment Manager the next day. During the phone interview, we were really having a bad reception so we really didn’t finish the interview anymore. She told me she’ll call the next day but she didn’t. Instead, the initial interviewer called me and mentioned that I was supposed to get a call from the Senior Recruitment Manager again to continue where we stopped then I’ll be endorsed to the HR VP of North America & Philippines. The initial interview told me that I passed and will sign my Job Offer on Friday that week. So basically, I wasn’t interviewed anymore by those two in management and they were really satisfied with the way I answered those behavioral and situational questions. So I’m like, how come I didn’t pass the interview I had for promotion? Hahaha!


Now, my previous company has been having disputes and they don’t even pay them. People have been leaving. They’ve been pressuring people to do more than what is asked of their role. They’ve been hiring new people closely related to people who plan to leave because they can’t take it for another person to leave. They even bypass people and treat others unfair because they never took out favoritism. Some even message me and say that they wish na wag daw lumaki ulo ko and hopefully I’m still the same person kasi pakiramdam ko meron lumaki ang ulo.

I’m earning double the month of the person they promoted. So to compute, per cut off of hers compared to per cut off of mine is way bigger. I got my vindication. At least now, when I check my payslip, I can feel that I’m really paid well.

At least now with my schedule, it’s midshift. I have more time spending with my daughter and doing chores. I can bring her to and from school and I’m so happy about this <3

Know what, 2 weeks before I left the company there was a part of me that I really got back in my feet and was motivated to stay in the company. I was leading the team and initiating to attend meetings and management meetings. I really imagined myself talking from entry levels up to directors and VP. I dreamed all of it doing it in my previous company but I really wasn’t given a chance.

Maybe, this new company came in because they saw my potential. And damn, they did. All that I was imagining previously is now happening. I even take 3 calls a day and 3 meetings a day with managers, directors and VP – and some of them are from other countries.

I want to tell you, especially millennials who are looking for a job that would matter to them and vice versa that the world’s politics may always be around but once you felt you’re being screwed over, leave. Look for a company that will appreciate all of your efforts and who will compensate you well.

I don’t regret leaving my previous company and taking a risk with the new one. It’s true when they say, “There’s always something better.” Another thing I learned is you don’t look for opportunities but you make it. If some people do not appreciate your hard work, someone else will. I believe that my work ethics are as clean and clear as how I started.

God has blessed me too much and I ain’t taking this for granted because this company never did. :)


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