Sweetie’s Bridal (Half Wild) Shower

Oh, good Lord. This was my first ever bridal shower experience. From films and stories of other human beings, I know what are the possible things that happen in the shower and I was really not expecting I would experience such with my college friends. Time flies so fast. Last thing I knew, we were … Continue reading Sweetie’s Bridal (Half Wild) Shower

My First Legit Valentine’s ❤

When I had a boyfriend back in 2005, the only sign I ever asked was, "If a guy gives me a bouquet of flowers whicever occassion, he's going to be the guy I'm going to marry and he is the one." Because no one ever did. Even during Valentine's. Even during birthdays, holidays, etc. Nganga. I had … Continue reading My First Legit Valentine’s ❤

Pampasinan: A Wake Up Call

Sunday night, my Ninong abruptly asked us if we're all G to go to Manaoag. Not really because he just wanted to but he also needed to since he was seeking for guidance for his future political missions. I took the opportunity to go with them and I don't believe it was a coincidence. With … Continue reading Pampasinan: A Wake Up Call

Family Fun (Not That Fun Because So Init) Day

It was the first time driving Sandra to school and good thing it wasn't a school day but the downside is, it was too difficult looking for a parking. As I dropped her and Yaya who was also my Yaya when I was 3 years old, so cool right? by the main entrance of the school, I spotted … Continue reading Family Fun (Not That Fun Because So Init) Day

Put Yo’ Pinky Rings Up To The Moon!

If Justin Bieber stole the whole music scene last 2015, it was Pareng Bruno's bonggacious year-end album that I'm currently listening to for a week now straight up (haha trying maipasok isa niya paring song sa sentence) that caught our attention. But I ain't gonna talk about Peter Gene Hernandez. Today is the day that … Continue reading Put Yo’ Pinky Rings Up To The Moon!

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Mama, take this badge off of me Oh Bob Dylan, how hurtful these words are. Listening to it was also rubbing it all at the same time. How abrupt and fearful things have happened. You made me forget happiness. You made me forget hope. You made my heart and soul shatter to pieces without any … Continue reading Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door


Yep, it happened yesterday. I turned 26 and I remember eyeing this age as the "marrying age" but no. Hahahaha! I think everyone did, agree? I don't know why we blow candles during birthdays but one thing's for sure, I was born on the day when they declared 'World AIDS day' and BLOWING was a big … Continue reading XXVI ❤