Foodnyeta: Palaro Board Game Café

See my big bag right there? Palaro Board Game is a start-up cafe which just opened last November 2016. It's owned by Karla Apacible, Anjel Estrella and Clark Amonelo. It's located in Taytay Rizal, near Taytay Doctors. Of course, I would really recommend you PBG (and ako talaga ang nagbigay ng acronym, parang ako ang … Continue reading Foodnyeta: Palaro Board Game Café

Daily U: Ending January with Random Thoughts

Since I'm offsite today and I forgot to download HTGAWM and basically when I'm bored and have poor internet signal, a lot of thoughts are running through my head right now so... MISS U Maxine, nag-Tagalog na eh. Hindi ko alam bakit English pa rin ang sagot mo. Ako nga eh, English ang entry sa … Continue reading Daily U: Ending January with Random Thoughts

Movie Dick: Die Beautiful

*beware of Spoilers If I were some guy who is not mindful that Paolo Ballestros is a Filipino actor, I would really go gaga over such beauty. I have never seen such face wherein you can do different impressions of any celebrity black or white, and Asian or Caucasian. During the whole movie, I was just … Continue reading Movie Dick: Die Beautiful

Fanjevorites: Cake

Since it was my birthday last Thursday (hoorayy for Happy Thursdays!), and as a celebrant having different wishes for having the best cake, I suddenly felt like sharing my favorite cakes! Not bakes, cakes. Just to make everything clear. I'm really not into sweets. Remember? I hate chocolates. But when it comes to sweets, there … Continue reading Fanjevorites: Cake

Samsong and Debanda: SUD

"Sino 'tong cute Afro guy playing the guitar?" As I told myself when I was browsing through OPM bands in YouTube last summer. "Ano 'tong kantang to na pang sexy time at bagay sa maulan na panahon?" As I told myself when I was on the verge of building a snowman. I learned about SUD from … Continue reading Samsong and Debanda: SUD

Consistency Is The Key-lay

I just don't understand other women. At first, they pluck their eyebrows and pluck them like there's no tomorrow. When they think it's not enough, they draw a pseudo eyebrow and then when it's too dark or too thick - they erase and pluck some again. But indecisive women are not the point here. Perhaps. … Continue reading Consistency Is The Key-lay

Daily U: 30th of June 2016

#Du30saJune30 Priorities, let's start first with our President's Inauguration. Yes guys. Inauguration has the leter 'u' after 'a'. FYI. Since I'm assigned offsite today, I don't have any medium to watch the Inauguration so I just used the live streaming of Rappler. Thank you Rappler! 😊 thank you also Gigi for providing me a power … Continue reading Daily U: 30th of June 2016