Sweetie’s Bridal (Half Wild) Shower

Oh, good Lord. This was my first ever bridal shower experience. From films and stories of other human beings, I know what are the possible things that happen in the shower and I was really not expecting I would experience such with my college friends. Time flies so fast. Last thing I knew, we were … Continue reading Sweetie’s Bridal (Half Wild) Shower

Foodnyeta: Palaro Board Game Café

See my big bag right there? Palaro Board Game is a start-up cafe which just opened last November 2016. It's owned by Karla Apacible, Anjel Estrella and Clark Amonelo. It's located in Taytay Rizal, near Taytay Doctors. Of course, I would really recommend you PBG (and ako talaga ang nagbigay ng acronym, parang ako ang … Continue reading Foodnyeta: Palaro Board Game Café

Pampasinan: A Wake Up Call

Sunday night, my Ninong abruptly asked us if we're all G to go to Manaoag. Not really because he just wanted to but he also needed to since he was seeking for guidance for his future political missions. I took the opportunity to go with them and I don't believe it was a coincidence. With … Continue reading Pampasinan: A Wake Up Call

The Puntold Story: Exorcism (I meant, Exercising)

So nandito nanaman tayo sa part kung saan, sana maabot ang mga pangarap. Well, yung pangarap kong kumain ng marami I think natupad naman though yung pumayat? Kailan pa? Walang forever sa pagiging mapayat! Hanggang may patatas na binabalat si Sarah at may bagong Potato Corner na walking distance lang sa bahay ko, wala na talagang … Continue reading The Puntold Story: Exorcism (I meant, Exercising)

Fanjevorites: Cake

Since it was my birthday last Thursday (hoorayy for Happy Thursdays!), and as a celebrant having different wishes for having the best cake, I suddenly felt like sharing my favorite cakes! Not bakes, cakes. Just to make everything clear. I'm really not into sweets. Remember? I hate chocolates. But when it comes to sweets, there … Continue reading Fanjevorites: Cake

Bubba, Burgers, Books and Below Zero

I had the right to have this kind of weekend because the following days would be dreaded by papers, pens and new hire requirements. Fourth quarter hiring needs this year feels like the first. Anyway, I thank these people who allowed me to splurge on happiness and love. Mini vacation but meaningful weekend <3 Let's … Continue reading Bubba, Burgers, Books and Below Zero

Dates, Waits and Weights

Fridate Finally, a date with my favorite person. And finally, sharing it to the public (well just a bit). Wait, kailangan may mukha din niya. Hahaha! I really felt bad for him. He left his house at around 3pm and then arrived here around 7:30 PM :( traffic is really fucking up our lives guys. … Continue reading Dates, Waits and Weights