What’s In My Bag (Which Are Not Ice Bags nor Eye Bags)

I know a lot of bloggers are doing this but mind you, this started way back when I was a teen and when my older sisters were teens who are in their 30s now so that still makes me not that old reading CandyMag, etc. So I wanted to do something feminine for my blog post ewwww … Continue reading What’s In My Bag (Which Are Not Ice Bags nor Eye Bags)

Fanjevorites: Cake

Since it was my birthday last Thursday (hoorayy for Happy Thursdays!), and as a celebrant having different wishes for having the best cake, I suddenly felt like sharing my favorite cakes! Not bakes, cakes. Just to make everything clear. I'm really not into sweets. Remember? I hate chocolates. But when it comes to sweets, there … Continue reading Fanjevorites: Cake

PoKIMon Hoe

Sorry, can't think of a better and funnier title. I still have to give vindication to my username. And medyo kikay itong post ko - so not me. So anyways, since there is no Pokemon Go available yet here in Manila, the urge in playing it made me go back to the only game I have … Continue reading PoKIMon Hoe

Hello? Ate Girl? Chappy ka.

"Hello? Chappy ka Anje." "Oo, alam ko. I really have chappy lips." Well girls, the first ever proof that we are about to enter puberty is having chappy lips. Feeling ko lang. When I was in the 3rd grade, as for the ceremony of the Star Scout kemerloo, (Star Scouts are the babies of Girl … Continue reading Hello? Ate Girl? Chappy ka.