Foodnyeta: Palaro Board Game Café

See my big bag right there? Palaro Board Game is a start-up cafe which just opened last November 2016. It's owned by Karla Apacible, Anjel Estrella and Clark Amonelo. It's located in Taytay Rizal, near Taytay Doctors. Of course, I would really recommend you PBG (and ako talaga ang nagbigay ng acronym, parang ako ang … Continue reading Foodnyeta: Palaro Board Game Café

What’s In My Bag (Which Are Not Ice Bags nor Eye Bags)

I know a lot of bloggers are doing this but mind you, this started way back when I was a teen and when my older sisters were teens who are in their 30s now so that still makes me not that old reading CandyMag, etc. So I wanted to do something feminine for my blog post ewwww … Continue reading What’s In My Bag (Which Are Not Ice Bags nor Eye Bags)

Tverculosis: Riverdale & The Crown

Riverdale Based from the Archie comics that I really did not read when I was a kid because I really don't like reading comics at all except those funny Filipino tabloid or political jokes. I knew about this when I was browsing through my Facebook friends and I think 1 out of 10 groups of conyo … Continue reading Tverculosis: Riverdale & The Crown

Daily U: Ending January with Random Thoughts

Since I'm offsite today and I forgot to download HTGAWM and basically when I'm bored and have poor internet signal, a lot of thoughts are running through my head right now so... MISS U Maxine, nag-Tagalog na eh. Hindi ko alam bakit English pa rin ang sagot mo. Ako nga eh, English ang entry sa … Continue reading Daily U: Ending January with Random Thoughts

Justhings Trudeau This 2017

And of course, this is a proposal to myself. Well, a New Year's Resolution? Of course not! How many 100% of 100 idiots really get to accomplish their NYRs? Nada. So these are just things I plan to do this year but I really hate planning. I remember a friend of mine messaging me on Facebook, "Anje, … Continue reading Justhings Trudeau This 2017

XVI Things That MMXVI Taught Me

1. Always know that God owns everything but your free will. Everything here on Earth is owned by Him. You do not have control until how long will you breathe nor decide when your last breath will be. You only have one thing you can control: Making a choice. We are all given freedom and it's … Continue reading XVI Things That MMXVI Taught Me

Mystery Blogger Award

Thank you Jessy, you sweet little chum chum! Hahaha! <3 Since I am kinda lazy wait no, not kinda, I'm really lazy today because it's a Monday and it seems like my mind is not working that much (sorry Jessy) I will just answer her questions. I also cannot nominate other bloggers because I've lost track … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award