Tverculosis: Riverdale & The Crown

Riverdale Based from the Archie comics that I really did not read when I was a kid because I really don't like reading comics at all except those funny Filipino tabloid or political jokes. I knew about this when I was browsing through my Facebook friends and I think 1 out of 10 groups of conyo … Continue reading Tverculosis: Riverdale & The Crown

Punjdates: Volume II

Movie Train to Busan "Putang ina!" as everyone shouted in the cinema. Everyone was in unison. Ang lutong ng mga mura namin, seryoso. I stopped watching Walking Dead during Season 3 because I felt it was getting too warmed-over for me. Vampire and zombie movies are too dull for me lately because I think it has … Continue reading Punjdates: Volume II

Last Weekend of August 2016

It was a long ass but fun weekend. More of, likewise for you. Friday I was on leave this day because it was Alessandra's Report Card Distribution. I kept on asking myself what do these teachers put in a toddler's report card? A smiley or a sad face? A painting of their favorite artwork? Manners and … Continue reading Last Weekend of August 2016

Punjdates: Volume 1

Puro Volume 1 keme nanaman ako tapos hindi nanaman masusundan. Baka yung pagaanak lang ang masundan. Bad weather leads to lazy weather so I'm going to give updates while you lay down your asses doing nothing (at least for some who didn't want to go to work today hehe) I'm just going to be a … Continue reading Punjdates: Volume 1

Consistency Is The Key-lay

I just don't understand other women. At first, they pluck their eyebrows and pluck them like there's no tomorrow. When they think it's not enough, they draw a pseudo eyebrow and then when it's too dark or too thick - they erase and pluck some again. But indecisive women are not the point here. Perhaps. … Continue reading Consistency Is The Key-lay

Daily U: 30th of June 2016

#Du30saJune30 Priorities, let's start first with our President's Inauguration. Yes guys. Inauguration has the leter 'u' after 'a'. FYI. Since I'm assigned offsite today, I don't have any medium to watch the Inauguration so I just used the live streaming of Rappler. Thank you Rappler! 😊 thank you also Gigi for providing me a power … Continue reading Daily U: 30th of June 2016

Daily U: 21st and 22nd of June 2016

Friends Happy Birthday Dave! Si Dave ay isa sa mga pinakamatagal at pinakamatalik ko nang kaibigan. Grade 5 kami naging magkaklase tapos naging magkabarkada kami nung Grade 7. Bukod sa tagal na ng aming pinagsamahan (kasama na din si Rach dun), matagal na rin kami hindi nagkikita kaya may utang siya sa akin ng isang … Continue reading Daily U: 21st and 22nd of June 2016