My Career’s Queer and Myself’s Revere

I'll welcome myself back. Welcome back to the blogosphere Anje! Hahaha! Last time I blogged, I was so ecstatic because I got accepted in my dream job. Apparently, it went to the other direction. I declined the offer - perhaps, I didn't push thru training. And then suddenly, my world went upside down. Why? Here … Continue reading My Career’s Queer and Myself’s Revere

Bubba, Burgers, Books and Below Zero

I had the right to have this kind of weekend because the following days would be dreaded by papers, pens and new hire requirements. Fourth quarter hiring needs this year feels like the first. Anyway, I thank these people who allowed me to splurge on happiness and love. Mini vacation but meaningful weekend <3 Let's … Continue reading Bubba, Burgers, Books and Below Zero

Punjdates: Volume III

One post for October? Doesn't seem like me. Hahaha! Baka one post for November din ulit? Which is this? HAHA chos This is my "pambawi" post for the whole month of October. Yes, I can say I was very busy at work because of our hiring needsĀ even though we all know it's Q4, and it's … Continue reading Punjdates: Volume III

Last Weekend of September 2016

Wow, it just felt like a few minutes ago I was blogging about the last weekend of August 2016. Next time you'll know it, it will be the last weekend of December! Friday I came into work at 3pm because I had mommy duties in the morning. Not only mommy duties but also, teacher duties. … Continue reading Last Weekend of September 2016

Luzon Recruitment Teambuilding 2016

Yes, Luzon. Masyado na kaming madami if isama pa ang Visayas and Mindanao. Or ang 52 states ng US. Hindi kami magkakasya sa hotel. Our venue was in Emiramona Hotel in Tagaytay, and kay sarap umuulan pa ng malakas so saktong-sakto kaming magkasakit and all. Stopped over at Mcdo Petron to eat breakfast and I … Continue reading Luzon Recruitment Teambuilding 2016

Punjdates: Volume 1

Puro Volume 1 keme nanaman ako tapos hindi nanaman masusundan. Baka yung pagaanak lang ang masundan. Bad weather leads to lazy weather so I'm going to give updates while you lay down your asses doing nothing (at least for some who didn't want to go to work today hehe) I'm just going to be a … Continue reading Punjdates: Volume 1