Sweetie’s Bridal (Half Wild) Shower

Oh, good Lord. This was my first ever bridal shower experience. From films and stories of other human beings, I know what are the possible things that happen in the shower and I was really not expecting I would experience such with my college friends. Time flies so fast. Last thing I knew, we were … Continue reading Sweetie’s Bridal (Half Wild) Shower

Pampasinan: A Wake Up Call

Sunday night, my Ninong abruptly asked us if we're all G to go to Manaoag. Not really because he just wanted to but he also needed to since he was seeking for guidance for his future political missions. I took the opportunity to go with them and I don't believe it was a coincidence. With … Continue reading Pampasinan: A Wake Up Call


Yep, it happened yesterday. I turned 26 and I remember eyeing this age as the "marrying age" but no. Hahahaha! I think everyone did, agree? I don't know why we blow candles during birthdays but one thing's for sure, I was born on the day when they declared 'World AIDS day' and BLOWING was a big … Continue reading XXVI ❤

Two-Day Date With My Dashing Daughter

Omg, did I just say dashing? Am I like Kris Jennering right now? Haha! Okay, so during the weekend this was a first, I spent time with my daughter for 2 days straight! Yay! It's the first weekend I got to spend alone time with her. I thank the heavens for a cousin who bore a child … Continue reading Two-Day Date With My Dashing Daughter

Bubba, Burgers, Books and Below Zero

I had the right to have this kind of weekend because the following days would be dreaded by papers, pens and new hire requirements. Fourth quarter hiring needs this year feels like the first. Anyway, I thank these people who allowed me to splurge on happiness and love. Mini vacation but meaningful weekend <3 Let's … Continue reading Bubba, Burgers, Books and Below Zero

Punjdates: Volume III

One post for October? Doesn't seem like me. Hahaha! Baka one post for November din ulit? Which is this? HAHA chos This is my "pambawi" post for the whole month of October. Yes, I can say I was very busy at work because of our hiring needs even though we all know it's Q4, and it's … Continue reading Punjdates: Volume III

Last Weekend of September 2016

Wow, it just felt like a few minutes ago I was blogging about the last weekend of August 2016. Next time you'll know it, it will be the last weekend of December! Friday I came into work at 3pm because I had mommy duties in the morning. Not only mommy duties but also, teacher duties. … Continue reading Last Weekend of September 2016