Foodnyeta: Palaro Board Game Café

See my big bag right there? Palaro Board Game is a start-up cafe which just opened last November 2016. It's owned by Karla Apacible, Anjel Estrella and Clark Amonelo. It's located in Taytay Rizal, near Taytay Doctors. Of course, I would really recommend you PBG (and ako talaga ang nagbigay ng acronym, parang ako ang … Continue reading Foodnyeta: Palaro Board Game Café

PoKIMon Hoe

Sorry, can't think of a better and funnier title. I still have to give vindication to my username. And medyo kikay itong post ko - so not me. So anyways, since there is no Pokemon Go available yet here in Manila, the urge in playing it made me go back to the only game I have … Continue reading PoKIMon Hoe