Sweetie’s Bridal (Half Wild) Shower

Oh, good Lord. This was my first ever bridal shower experience. From films and stories of other human beings, I know what are the possible things that happen in the shower and I was really not expecting I would experience such with my college friends. Time flies so fast. Last thing I knew, we were … Continue reading Sweetie’s Bridal (Half Wild) Shower

The Puntold Story: Riding In Cars With Boys

If you haven't heard, the title is from one of my favorite movies. How ironic that my last post about a puntold story was about reliving love. This post isn't supposed to. Well, let's see. If you take it literally, to count the times I've been riding in cars with boys, it would be seventy … Continue reading The Puntold Story: Riding In Cars With Boys

Pedo File: Elmo Magalona

I promised myself that the first entry for Pedo File is a Filipino who knows how to dance, act and sing. Para naman worthy talaga diba? Another thing is magaling pa mag-rap! Sana in the future mag-duet kami in rapping. Haha. Define umaasa. Oh wait, marunong din mag-play ng harmonica and guitar! Drums nalang talaga, … Continue reading Pedo File: Elmo Magalona