What’s In My Bag (Which Are Not Ice Bags nor Eye Bags)

I know a lot of bloggers are doing this but mind you, this started way back when I was a teen and when my older sisters were teens who are in their 30s now so that still makes me not that old reading CandyMag, etc. So I wanted to do something feminine for my blog post ewwww … Continue reading What’s In My Bag (Which Are Not Ice Bags nor Eye Bags)

Hello? Ate Girl? Chappy ka.

"Hello? Chappy ka Anje." "Oo, alam ko. I really have chappy lips." Well girls, the first ever proof that we are about to enter puberty is having chappy lips. Feeling ko lang. When I was in the 3rd grade, as for the ceremony of the Star Scout kemerloo, (Star Scouts are the babies of Girl … Continue reading Hello? Ate Girl? Chappy ka.

Buhay Cetaphil

So, 1 week ako naka-leave last week. Sabihin na nating forced leave siya kasi kailangan talaga siya ubusin bago mag April 30. Oo, last year ko pang mga leave ito. Wala ako masyado ginawa nung Monday. Bonding lang with Alessandra. Nag-swimming kami sa pool sa bahay - plastic pool, okay? So since Monday-Friday nag-swimming lang … Continue reading Buhay Cetaphil