My Career’s Queer and Myself’s Revere

I'll welcome myself back. Welcome back to the blogosphere Anje! Hahaha! Last time I blogged, I was so ecstatic because I got accepted in my dream job. Apparently, it went to the other direction. I declined the offer - perhaps, I didn't push thru training. And then suddenly, my world went upside down. Why? Here … Continue reading My Career’s Queer and Myself’s Revere

Candy Cane on Halloween

I do not have an active third-eye. Just to be clear. An active one. I have work every other Saturday. Since it's a shifting schedule, we are only 3 recruiters every Saturday. When I got in the office, I asked our security where's Arjoy (my colleague), the security responded with, "Nag-CR ata ma'am" -(She went … Continue reading Candy Cane on Halloween