Tverculosis: Riverdale & The Crown

Riverdale Based from the Archie comics that I really did not read when I was a kid because I really don't like reading comics at all except those funny Filipino tabloid or political jokes. I knew about this when I was browsing through my Facebook friends and I think 1 out of 10 groups of conyo … Continue reading Tverculosis: Riverdale & The Crown

My Escobar Behind My Bars

So aside from getting addicted to this violent, heart-pounding, adverse, detrimental and all-the-evil-adjectives-I-can-think-about-series, I'm getting the hang of liking Wagner (not just his acting) but also his goddamned physical attributes. Though speaking Spanish makes me take off my unjerwear, he really caught my attention (just search his photos from 6-7 years ago when he was … Continue reading My Escobar Behind My Bars