A German Shitpherd

The barangay in our Tanay farm celebrated its fiesta last Sunday. I was with my mom, daughter and my mom's friends (co-volunteers in the foundation we're in). She didn't want to drive during rush hour since it was a Saturday and our car was okay fine, it was really on color coding though we really experienced … Continue reading A German Shitpherd

Forget Me Knot

I rushed to the toilet and bath around 11PM last night, twice with an interval of 30-40 minutes, I thought there was something down below bleeding (yes, uhm that part). Nope, I did not cut myself down there wtf. Nope, I wasn't feeling nauseous and no chance that I'm pregnant. Nope, not a miscarriage. Nope, not having … Continue reading Forget Me Knot

The Puntold Story: Riding In Cars With Boys

If you haven't heard, the title is from one of my favorite movies. How ironic that my last post about a puntold story was about reliving love. This post isn't supposed to. Well, let's see. If you take it literally, to count the times I've been riding in cars with boys, it would be seventy … Continue reading The Puntold Story: Riding In Cars With Boys